Interact with Twitter.

Find tweets relative to the page you are on with just the click of a button. Interact with @users like a comment system.

Currently v1.2.6

Rich Information

Make informed decisions with historical & real time data.

TTAGIT works on iOS, built with Apple's new language Swift, and using the new iOS Action Extension capabilities. Engage your Twitter Users on populated URL's.

        <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
        <script src=""></script>
Embeddable Button

Embed TTAGIT onto your Website.

Cut and paste the Javascript into the Head of your Website. Place the TTAGIT <button id="ttagit-button"></button> on the pages or Post loop layout where you want the embed to display on your site or pages.

TTAGIT started out as a Google Chrome extension and morphed into a Safari extension and iOS Action Extension using Apple's new language Swift.

Safari Extension


Jeff Ruskowsky

Founder of TTAGIT Social Networks Inc.

Louis Lapointe

Investor Relations, Business Consultant.

Leigh Akin

Co founder of TTAGIT. Nerdball.

Intigold Mines Ltd. owns a 51% interest in TTAGIT. Intigold is publicly traded under IGD.V on the TSX and IDMNF on the OTC.